Athonet Starter Kits

Take your first steps in private cellular with our starter kits for 5G-SA and CBRS.

The starter kits are a great way to discover the potential of private cellular for delivering the coverage, mobility, security and performance that is increasingly fundamental for enterprises, industrial sites and governments.


5G-SA Starter kits

CBRS Starter kits

A kit to help you step into 5G-SA with the industry’s premier 5G-SA core platform. Supporting high data performance and VoNR, the kit includes an on-premise core network, a choice of radio devices and SIMs and all the components needed to get started with a 5G-SA network.

A kit that is your first step to a high performing private CBRS network that is easy to manage, scale, and deploy. You may opt for a cloud solution that comes with a CBRS radio and SIM cards, or any size on premise solution that comes with an Athonet server, CBRS radio and SIM cards. 

Private 5G Net or CBRS networks, why?

As the world adopts a “wireless first” way of communicating, the diversity and complexity of new connectivity requirements are driving organizations to review their strategy and seek new solutions.

Enterprises have recognized there are gaps in current wireless communications. For example, it is difficult for Wi-Fi to cover large areas, connect large numbers of devices, or be used for critical communications. 

 Another option is public cellular networks but they often do not reach vital areas of the enterprise nor give the local control and flexibility in the way that Wi-Fi does. Private 5G and CBRS networks can meet the needs of these diverse users on a single, scalable and future-proof platform. 

These networks are not simply an evolution of 4G, but a new standard capable of responding to new needs and offering unimaginable opportunities for industry and society.


Provides a significantly larger coverage area than Wi-Fi with fewer radios (access points).


Delivers the highest availability for services and operations.


Brings predictability without interruption and jitter.

Deployment Approach and Massive Scaling

Facilitates efficient deployment and dynamically support scaling.

Control and Visibility

Ensures control over and provides visibility for connections, services, and users.

Data and Network Security

Delivers network segregation and access control to protect organization data, users and devices. 

Enabling Applications and IoT

Enables business critical applications, video surveillance, real-time control, IoT and more. 


Meets the ever-increasing need for low latency and time sensitive networking.

Are you interested in implementing a 5G-SA or CBRS network?

Discover how with an Athonet Starter Kit

At Athonet we believe in a smarter way...

A new approach that packages cellular technology just-like Wi-Fi: millions of plug-and-play, highly affordable, cellular networks that can be deployed and managed by local IT professionals. this is possible and this is what we do

Beginning with the Athonet software, any IT professional can simply add radios from our ecosystem of vendors and bring up a network, manage it, provision SIMs and connect it to their IT applications and systems.

Three-time Winner of the International Critical Communications Awards (ICCA 2018 & 2019)

5 Glomo Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2019 

 « an unprecedented record »

Enter the future of connectivity

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If you are an enterprise wanting to connect industrial sites, a school bringing together students and faculty, or a first responder trying to improve public safety, discover the opportunities the Athonet solution can deliver.


We also welcome technology partners including mobile operators, system integrators and radio and device vendors.

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